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Aaron Ashworth Memorial Cowm Reservoir 5k, Whitworth, Lancashire

23rd May 2017

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Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
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Cat: Club:
1W. SmithMV40Halifax Harriers16.08
2A. WhittamMSCalder Valley Fell Runners16.14
3R. JamesMSRoyton Road Runners16.36
4C. MerchantMV40Rochdale Harriers17.18
5C. LoweMV45Royton Road Runners17.40
6S. ReadingMV40Royton Road Runners17.50
7B. BattyeMV40Royton Road Runners17.52
8J. GrittMSRoyton Road Runners17.55
9Helen GloverFSRibble Valley Harriers17.56
10P. BannisterMSRoyton Road Runners17.59
11L. SpencerMV40Halifax Harriers18.23
12M. FlemingMSRoyton Road Runners18.26
13I. JacksonMV40Oldham & Royton Harriers18.29
14R. BradshawMSBurnley AC18.43
15A. HowardMSTrawden AC18.54
16D. WadsworthMSAndems Runners18.57
17Jennifer BloorFSRoyton Road Runners18.59
18E. StoneMV45Royton Road Runners19.04
19M. WildboreMV40Royton Road Runners19.06
20B. GoodwinMV45Royton Road Runners19.15
21Sophie WoodFSRoyton Road Runners19.24
22C. SpencerMJHalifax Harriers19.27
23C. O'CallaghanMV45Royton Road Runners19.49
24D. McBrideMV40Royton Road Runners19.49
25E. NolanMV50Royton Road Runners19.58
26Amy FreemanFSDarwen Dashers RC20.07
27M. KilburnMV45Royton Road Runners20.18
28D. HowardMV60Trawden AC20.22
29R. MarsdenMSRoyton Road Runners20.25
30D. FreerMV45Royton Road Runners20.31
31P. WolstenhulmeMSRoyton Road Runners20.39
32R. KellettMV50Royton Road Runners20.45
33Janet JobeyFV40Royton Road Runners20.54
34M. HeaneyMV55Royton Road Runners20.57
35M. RigleyMSRoyton Road Runners21.00
36B. MorrisMV50Darwen Dashers RC21.05
37J. KeastMV45Royton Road Runners21.12
38B. CassidyMV55Royton Road Runners21.16
39J. McDonaldMV50Trawden AC21.34
40A. MarshallMSRoyton Road Runners21.27
41 R. QuinnMV60Royton Road Runners21.30
42M. WrigleyMV40Trawden AC21.47
43Kelly LovickFSTrawden AC21.53
44N. MallonMV40Royton Road Runners22.01
45G. BowerMV45Royton Road Runners22.25
46C. LuthwitchMSUnattached22.34
47L. HigginbottomMSRoyton Road Runners22.42
48R. WilliamsMV50Royton Road Runners22.45
49G. SmithMV55Royton Road Runners22.47
50J. Bradshaw MV45Unattached22.48
51R. WhittamMSUnattached22.55
52C. NicholsonMSRoyton Road Runners22.58
53P. CookeMV50Royton Road Runners23.11
54R. NixonMV60Royton Road Runners23.14
55C. WhitwellMSTrawden AC23.27
56G. DawesMV45Unattached23.36
57Helen RadcliffeFV40Royton Road Runners23.48
58S. SeniorMV60Middleton Harriers23.49
59Selina McLeanFV40Royton Road Runners23.52
60D. PhilipsMV70Royton Road Runners23.53
61Julie DawesFV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.56
62Rachel ShuttleworthFSRoyton Road Runners24.01
63Val KilburnFV45Royton Road Runners24.01
64D. AshtonMV55Unattached24.13
65H. BennettMV45Unattached24.21
66S. HowardMV45Royton Road Runners24.28
67Joanne BurdenFV35Spenborough & Dist AC24.40
68P. AustinMSRoyton Road Runners24.59
69J. JacksonMJOldham & Royton Harriers25.05
70Jill HicksonFV40Royton Road Runners25.09
71I. HargreavesMV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers25.17
72L. AinsworthMV65Northern Masters AC25.24
73Jackie CarterFV50Spenborough & Dist AC25.30
74Sue HeaneyFV55Royton Road Runners25.39
75Eileen WadsworthFV55Rossendale Harriers25.45
76C. SmithMV55Trawden AC25.53
77B. TullMV70Darwen Dashers RC26.10
78Clare DarraughFV40Royton Road Runners26.30
79Virginia LewinFV60Halifax Harriers26.45
80Gail ShawFV50Royton Road Runners26.50
81Jill HeywoodFV45Royton Road Runners26.55
82Rebecca BradshawFSUnattached27.06
83R. LawsonMV75Clayton-le-Moors Harriers27.07
84D. PicklesMV60Trawden AC27.09
85S. JonesMV60Royton Road Runners27.18
86Joanne LovickFV45Trawden AC26.19
87Karen WindleFV55Trawden AC27.21
88Martina NaismithFV40Royton Road Runners27.39
89D. BeardMV65Unattached27.49
90D. WattMSRoyton Road Runners28.00
91N. BradleyMV50Royton Road Runners28.28
92Judith BradleyFV45Royton Road Runners28.47
93Jenny O'CallaghanFV35Royton Road Runners28.59
94Carol Robinson FV40Royton Road Runners29.02
95Rebecca SimmsFV50Darwen Dashers RC29.03
96J. FreemanMSDarwen Dashers RC29.09
97Liz PhilipsFV35Royton Road Runners29.14
98Bernadette Ball FV60Royton Road Runners29.14
99Amanda RichardsonFV45Royton Road Runners29.31
100Laura BeardFSTrawden AC29.32
101Nipha NessonFSRoyton Road Runners29.51
102Anne ClarkeFV55Trawden AC30.04
103Rachel BeardFSUnattached30.05
104Sharon DracupFV50Royton Road Runners30.07
105Elaine HoldsworthFV55Trawden AC30.14
106Christine EgertonFV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers30.15
107J. TaylorMV65Darwen Dashers RC30.15
108R. ChappellMV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers30.30
109Mary FreerFV40Royton Road Runners31.32
110G. MeynellMV70Royton Road Runners31.32
111J. McGuireMV60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers31.32
112Emma Bower FSRoyton Road Runners32.06
113Diane FordFV40Trawden AC32.15
114Leanne JacksonFV35Spenborough & Dist AC32.35
115Lisa DawsonFV35Spenborough & Dist AC32.36
116Christine LeathleyFV65Clayton-le-Moors Harriers32.50
117Sheila PhilipsFV65Royton Road Runners34.37
118Angela RogowskaFV50Royton Road Runners35.08
119I. StansfieldMV70Todmorden Harriers44.56
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