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In addition to chip timing your event, if you think that the associated costs don't warrant this timing method, we can also offer the traditional stopwatch, pencil and paper method which provides fast and accurate results for all events.

We'll always be honest with you and tell you which we think would be most appropriate for your race!

We can also supply you with essentials, such as race numbers, pins, race clock, start/finish flags and so on.

Why do we collect disposable chips at the end of races? It's something I have been asked a few times. The answer is that we try to be responsible and properly recycle the chips (and your race numbers) after races, instead of them just going to landfill. No other chip timing company in the UK does this, as far as I'm aware. Of course, if you choose to keep your number then it's not a problem! On average we save about 20kg of waste from going to landfill at each race by doing this. So thanks very much if you take the time to return your number and chip after you have finished.